Honors Transfer Program

The Citrus College Honors Transfer Program is designed to enhance the educational opportunities of those students who desire to go beyond the boundaries of the regular classes offered at Citrus College. The program provides an opportunity for highly motivated students to participate in an enriched academic environment that promotes close interaction with outstanding faculty and other honors students.

Why Join the Honors Transfer Program?

  • Small class sizes offering individualized interaction between faculty and students.
  • Academic and social interaction with other highly motivated and successful students.
  • The focus on academic excellence including critical thinking, communication skills, and academic inquiry. Honors coursework generally will be more writing, research and/or project intensive.
  • Citrus College's membership in the Transfer Alliance Program (TAP) increases the likelihood of a successful transfer application to UCLA.
  • Citrus College Honors has agreements with local colleges and universities that provide priority processing on transfer applications, as well as other benefits.
  • Honors identification on transcripts which offers advantages on transfer and employment applications.
  • Leadership and service to the college and the community are encouraged and supported.
  • Priority registration.
  • Opportunities to participate in Honors conferences and seminars.
  • Enhanced scholarship opportunities.
  • Honors Transfer Program Reception (recognition of students who complete the Honors Transfer Program).
  • Special recognition at graduation.

Eligibility and Requirements:

  • 3.5 High school weighted GPA and/or 3.25+ Citrus or college/university GPA (a 3.25 overall GPA must be maintained in order to remain in the program)
  • Eligibility for English 101 (without support) and strong reading/writing skills.
  • Completion of 5 Honors Program classes (at least 6 units per year).
  • Completion of 30 hours of community service (must be completed AFTER joining the Honors Program).
  • Meet with an Honors Transfer Program counselor at least once a semester.

Note: Satisfactory completion of the Honors Transfer Program requires a minimum 3.25 GPA in UC/CSU transferable units (from Citrus and any other college/university attended) and 15 units of Honors “coursework”.

The following four items will be required to submit your completed Honors Transfer Program application:

  1. Submit transcripts from each school and/or all college(s) indicating a GPA of 3.25 or higher. (Unofficial transcripts are acceptable; however, official transcripts will be required later.)

    Applicants without any previous college experience must submit a high school transcript.

    Continuing Citrus students may obtain a Citrus unofficial transcript through Wingspan, or you may request a copy through Admissions and Records.

    Applicants who have previously attended other colleges or universities must submit copies of transcripts from all colleges attended. (Admissions policies require students to declare all colleges attended. Failure to declare all college work will jeopardize a student's transfer status.)

    Students who are unable to prove Honors Transfer Program eligibility with high school transcripts and have not completed 6 units at Citrus (or 9 units at any other college or university) MAY be eligible for the program on a case-by-case basis. If you feel the program might be a good fit, you should make an appointment with Brian Waddington, Honors Transfer Program Coordinator, to determine eligibility for the program.

  2. Provide proof of eligibility for English 101.

    Eligibility may be demonstrated with proof of any of the following: Citrus College placement test, AP test score (3 or greater), or completion of an appropriate English 101 prerequisite course.

  3. Supply one letter of recommendation from an instructor, counselor, or high school contact.

    The letter should be from someone who can comment on the student's work ethic and academic ability.

  4. Provide a typed 300-350 word essay.

    What are your skills and experiences that have prepared you for the Honors Transfer Program? Please provide specific examples.

Before submitting an Honors Transfer Program application, you can arrange to meet with Brian Waddington, Honors Transfer Program Coordination, during office hours by sending an email to bwaddington@citruscollege.edu if you would like to discuss the program to determine whether taking honors classes would be a fit for you. You may also make an appointment with Eileen Sin Honors Transfer Program Counselor, by calling (626) 914-8530.