Associate Degree Nursing (ADN) Application

2024 Application filing period: February 5th – March 4th (Deadline: 3:00pm PST)

Application Instructions

  1. PRIOR to submitting an application
    1. Strongly recommend attending an ADN Application Workshop. Visit the ADN website for more details.
    2. We encourage students interested in applying to speak with a nursing counselor to discuss eligibility requirements and to get clarification on whether the courses you took outside of Citrus College will be equivalent to ours. To schedule an appointment with a counselor, click here.
    3. Students must have a Citrus College ID# to apply. New or former students to Citrus College must complete the online application.
    4. Access to the online ADN application will require a Citrus College email address and Citrus login password.
      • IMPORTANT: Communication regarding the application will be conducted ONLY through an official Citrus College email address.
      • All students must ensure they have access to their Citrus College email address and check it regularly once they've submitted their application.
      • If you need further assistance regarding your Citrus College email address -- please contact TeC Services.
    5. Submit ALL official college/university transcripts to Admissions & Records PRIOR to submitting the ADN application, regardless of applicability to nursing. If official transcripts are not on file at time of evaluation, you will receive a non-qualified letter.
      1. If using Advanced Placement (AP) scores, official test scores must be submitted to Admissions & Records.
  2. Application Process
    1. Complete all sections of the ADN Online Application.
    2. Upload all required and relevant supporting documentation.
      1. Submit an unofficial copy of all college/transcripts in the nursing application.
        • Citrus College transcripts do not need to be uploaded or requested.
      2. If you have not previously earned an associate degree or higher, submit a copy of a high school diploma, copy of high school transcripts, copy of high school proficiency exam, copy of a GED, or a copy of an official foreign transcript evaluation.
  3. ATI TEAS Information
    1. Completion of the standardized Assessment Technologies Incorporated (ATI) Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is not required to apply to the ADN program.
      • It is mandatory for all provisionally admitted and alternate students to have the ATI TEAS completed with a total score of 62% or higher in order to be enrolled in the subsequent fall semester.
      • Provisionally admitted and alternate students who have not attempted or passed the ATI TEAS within the last twelve (12) months with a total score of 62% or higher will be invited to take the TEAS In-Person proctored by Citrus College (held in May).
      • An ATI TEAS score is only valid for one year. The Health Sciences department will consider the March application deadline as the cutoff to submit valid TEAS scores from the previous year. For the 2024 application cycle, an ATI TEAS score cannot be older than March 4, 2023.
      • Only the ATI TEAS Version 7 will be accepted for the 2024 application cycle.
      • Multiple attempts for higher scores are not reviewed.
      • ATI TEAS scores from another location are accepted. Provisionally admitted and alternate students that have completed the ATI TEAS outside of Citrus College within the last twelve months must request the passing score to be sent electronically to Citrus College ADN from ATI online.
  4. Important information and reminders
    2. Students will be notified of admission decisions ONLY through their official Citrus College email address.
    3. Please do not contact the Health Sciences Department regarding the status of an application.
    4. For questions regarding the application, please contact using an official Citrus College email address.

If this application leads to enrollment, I understand that false or misleading information in my application may result in denial of admission and/or dismissal from the nursing program

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